Free Educational Event for Physicians

How To Get Started

  • If you are interested in hosting a dinner event, please register below.
  • Once registration is complete, a coordinator from Ciné-Med will contact you to begin planning.

Ciné-Med's Role

  • Contract event space
  • Create a webpage for your event and disseminate invitations
  • Create all course materials
  • Provide on-site support

Track and Report Monthly Referrals

  • Measure physician changes in practice
  • Measure the success of your symposium

Supported by an educational grant from Medtronic

Sample Presentations

Host Registration

All information should be confirmed (not tentative) before beginning the application process.

Applications will only be accepted if all the required fields are complete, which includes the name and contact information for at least 1 Guest Speaker.

Questions can be sent to Alison Marinelli 1-800-253-7657 x108

Symposia Preferred Dates

Symposia Restaurant Recommendations

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